I know it was down for a very very long time but its back Zuluk.com this is not your grandmother's programming website.
I'm not going to work on it today so meanwhile feel free to:
Go play Super Bomb Reversi <--sorry that is temporarily down I will fix it soon though
Get Your Accounting Done
Brainstorm About Your Own Website
Check Out Arlon Arriola's Website
Check Out Some Fine Art and Jewelry Made From Abalone!

ps whoever is trying to hack the website? Not cool bro, knock it off.
pss you know you are trying to hack in - but you can't

By the way ZuluK.com is the lamest place in cyberspace, but ZuluK is also a real place in the world, which is completely awesome !!

I just made the website because of the symmetry in the 5 letters, it makes a pyramid shape and sounds mystical, and, also Zul reminds me of Ghostbusters, I've always liked like making websites and even before the web, website-like things, so I grabbed the name and I've had it since maybe 2003 or something I think. I've yet to use it for a particular purpose, perhaps a game some day, right now it's just this page.
Ok I'll get it some more stuff going for it soon.

How about this, read about traveling in ZuluK the real place: ZuluK Travel Guide – An Epic Solo Experience – Sikkim Tourism https://www.nomllers.com/zuluk-sikkim-tourism/
Hackers beware I hack back people

Hey I Made Another Converter To Proper Case For Fun, You Can Use It: Perl/Regex Proper Case Converter By Arlon